The Secured Delivery and Revenue Collection Fee is the greater of (1) $ .65 per document sold or (2) 21% of the price at which the document is sold. Please note that these fees apply at the time a sale is completed and the sales proceeds collected.

NOTE: All currency designations on this website refer to U.S. Dollars.

A One-Time Set-up Fee in the amount of $89.00 is charged for each document included in the library for which the sale price exceeds $3.75. This set-up fee compensates eSafePublishing for (a) setting up an advertisement page to support selling your document, (b) efforts to help your document gain the quickest visibility to the net search engines, (c) making the initial encryption and other security protections for your document; (d) setting up your account for routine reporting and funds disbursements; and (e) the posting of your document and its supporting advertisement page on this web site.

If you decide to sell your document for a price of $3.75 or less, the one-time set-up fee will be $39 and the amount of text permitted for your advertisement page will be limited to 100 words rather than the 300 words available for the other documents posted with eSafePublishing.

Go to Writer Sign-Up to arrange for your document to be included in eSafePublishing’s Library.

If you wish to have eSafePublishing provide journal or periodical publishing and collection services please see the Special Fee section below.

A Change Fee of $20 will be charged for each revision or alternation you ask eSafePublishing to make to your posted document or advertisement page. You are welcome to make changes as often as you like. This fee compensates eSafePublishing for its additional costs and handling efforts necessitated by changes you make to your posted items. If you wish to make a change, please pay the Change Fee and send the redrafted document or your change instructions via email or fax. See contact us

A Special Fee can be arranged for a writer or business wishing to utilize eSafePublishing’s services for an existing inventory of documents, sheet music, periodicals, a custom link to an existing site, or to address other needs. Special circumstances may warrant special arrangements. Please contact us to discuss your needs or situation.

eSafePublishing’s fees and charges are subject to change. Future changes, if any, will not become effective for existing users of eSafePublishing’s services until the first of the month following the public posting of such changes.
When does the writer get paid?
Net funds, that is, gross receipts less what is owed to eSafePublishing, will be disbursed to the writer after the end of each calendar month during which sales are made. Disbursement of those net funds will generally take place during the first five (5) business days following that month. Your payment will be sent by check through regular mail service. If you prefer to arrange a regular wire transfer procedure contact us and we will be happy to make those arrangements subject to any wire transfer fees being charged to your account prior to the disbursement being made. eSafePublishing relies on credit card company reports and the reports generated by the third-party shopping cart service it engages to determine your sales activity and the amounts collected from those sales. An itemization of each month’s sales and associated fees will be issued to you about the same time as the disbursement is made.
When does eSafePublishing get paid?
The set-up fee will be collected by eSafePublishing prior to beginning the process of preparing and including your document in eSafePublishing’s library. The other fees will be collected as they arise. For example, the Combined Service Fee will be earned as sales are made and monies received. A change fee will be due at the time you request eSafePublishing to alter your posted document or the related advertisement page. Amounts due to eSafePublishing due to a negotiated special arrangement will be earned and payable pursuant to the terms of that agreement.
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