eSafePublishing is a department within eSprouts and is about helping advance literary opportunities through the use of safe digital delivery and sales collection services which help protect the author’s or owner’s right to payment. Payment relates both to livelihood and motivation for other writers, and is important to the continuation of literary art for the peoples of the earth. Sales of protected digital documents can be a compliment to or a start for a writer or poet’s career, whether the document is an article, newsletter, periodical, book, or some other product of good wordsmithing. This publishing service can help a person or supportive organization capture and create opportunities for profits, financial independence and cultural exchange across the vastness of the internet world. eSafePublishing has thoughts about how to use its tools and resources, and you may have different ideas or investigations you think worthwhile. We would be pleased to discuss your thoughts or needs in hopes something can be crafted which is best suited to your needs. Please contact us.