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May 15, 2010 | Photographs and Other Visual Images
eSprouts could have limited its choice of visual images to things involved with writing such as reams of paper, pens, cluttered desks, broken piggy banks, books, magazines, or computers. It could have selected photos or sketches of people putting pen to paper, typing, reading, appearing to be deep in pensive or reflective thought, using a computer, being inside a book store or library, or pointing to a book or article as if taking pride in the physical embodiment of authorship. All such images reflect a little of the world of writing. Literary communities and accomplishments also involve fictional or non-fictional writing, education, nurturing, and economics related to these endeavors. eSprouts, therefore, feels that virtually all images of places, people, and things suggest the fabric of writing and the service writers, educators and their supporters yield for our societies. The scope encompasses so much, yet rarely do photographs or visual depictions adequately capture the commitment, study, pride of accomplishment, and perseverance which are also very real elements of the literary world of art and communication? The vastness of images relevant to the life of writing is too much for little eSprouts to display or intimate, so it decided to use a simple guide regarding its selection of visual images: if the photograph, sketch or image stirs emotions or wonderment or depicts something about writing, it is a candidate for inclusion by eSprouts. You and we at eSprouts will learn the full color and content of this rubric as eSprouts evolves. Visual images will be included in the pages of this web site and within editions of eSprouts’ NettedVoices e-Magazine. eSprouts anticipates its UnitedWeWrite program will develop digital photograph and visual image resources which can be shared with writers, poets, educators and those supportive of their objectives. If you have photographs or digital images you would be willing to share for any of these activities, please contact us. Also, please appreciate that eSprouts makes its selection of visual images with the best of intentions. It has no desire to offend or slight any person or group. If you find that we have not been successful in this goal, please contact us so we might grow with your help.

Thank you,

eSprouts Staff