eSprouts is a commitment to the growth of literary and wordsmithing opportunities. It is a tool and resource to be used by you and others who are interested in advancing their careers or helping others build careers or businesses or roots founded upon the use of words. eSprouts is also a search for more and better ways to use the internet for the benefit of literary communities. Whether already published, ready to publish, or in need of support for your publishing dreams, eSprouts may be of use. How you use the resources and services of eSprouts is your choice. eSprouts is here to foster and support writing ambitions, and supporting people and organizations similarly committed to the growth and nurturing of literary skills and art which are necessary to the very content of societies. eSprouts’ modest contribution will be information, a focal point for community exchange and the mustering of support services, and pro-writer e-protected online delivery and sales collection services through its eSafePublishing department. We welcome suggestions and inquiries, so please contact us.